The scene took place in the 67th minute and most viewers probably didn't even notice during the match. The referee blew his whistle and then Arsenal goalkeeper Raya took a low goal kick to central defender Gabriel. He simply took the ball in his hand while the game was going on in the penalty area and returned it to Raya.

Bayern are out of their minds: the referee talks about “a child's mistake”

The Bayern stars around Kane immediately ran towards referee Glenn Nyberg and demanded a penalty. However, he let the game continue. After the match, Kane drew attention to the scene in an interview on Amazon Prime and spoke of the “clearest penalty I have ever seen in my life.” Coach Thomas Tuchel was also beside himself: “We should have received a clear handball penalty. Then the referee tells our players that it was a “child's mistake.” “This is a whole new way of rule interpretation.”

first Bundesliga-Referee Lutz Wagner replied shortly after. It was an illegal scene, but “football doesn't want a penalty like that,” Wagner said.


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