Thomas Müller (FC Bayern): “To be honest, I'm angry. First of all, we must congratulate Leverkusen, they absolutely deserved the victory. What I miss, and that's why I say it publicly, is that we showed much better focus in training because we played with courage. And now we are missing eggs. The people of Leverkusen simply play and look for solutions. (…) We do that too, but not in the game when there is pressure. You can feel the pressure, but it has to give you energy. Then we play from A to B, from B to C, and no one has the freedom to just play there. (…) And if it is there in training, then we also have to attack the players. You don’t even need to go to the trainer.”

“I'm talking about decisions that are made primarily with the ball, and the tactical approach has nothing to do with that. (…) We urgently need to improve and we will do so.”

Bayern's embarrassment in Leverkusen on the record

Tuchel: “Everyone is sleeping”

Thomas Tuchel (Bayern coach) : “The 1-0 that we conceded is something that normally cannot be conceded with a five-man chain. That doesn't work if we play with five people. Now it's 3-0, it didn't seem 3-0. After the break we got a goal with a wall that was too cheap. (…) We definitely lacked power on the front to win.”

On Sacha Boey at 0-1: “Of course we assumed it ourselves. We needed Sacha there with that speed. But everyone is just sleeping. This is a very cheap lens. (…) We don't know what would have happened if we had played differently.”

On tactics: “We had the whole week to prepare. We wanted to defend very offensively and that's what we did. I think we did it for a long time, but we also made incredibly bad decisions, especially after winning the ball. Then our confidence disappears.”

On Bayern's chances of winning the championship: “We will not do anything to throw in the towel on any given day. For us the distance changes, but the focus does not. We have to move forward, we have to improve and live up to the standards that Thomas also formulates (Müller, editor's note).”

Matthäus: “Class difference at the highest level”

Lothar Matthäus (sky expert) : “I don't think anyone will doubt if they continue playing like this. Leverkusen did an excellent job in all aspects. Of course, the team achieved a victory today that was well deserved. It was a class difference at the highest level. (…) The greatest respect for Bayer Leverkusen's performance, including the way they win.”

“When you see the race in Leverkusen, this self-image, this confidence, this togetherness. From this point of view, it must be said: the biggest favorite for the championship is, of course, Bayer Leverkusen.”

Alonso on Leverkusen: “There is no secret”

Xabi Alonso (Bayer Leverkusen coach): “We wanted to be competitive. We did a great job, the discipline and compactness of the team was great. The whole performance was great, the boys' commitment was very high. If we need it, we can do it. Be dominant and sometimes wait and retain the ball. (…) All players showed excellent performances. We had enough opportunities and we had almost no opportunities. That was very important. (…) The players need everyone, we want to help them. I can't do it alone, I have a great team. We have a lot of energy and that is the key. There is no secret. The players believe and that is what we want.

On Leverkusen's championship chances: “We will talk in May. “We have to be realistic and have our feet on the ground.”

Simon Rolfes (Bayer Leverkusen sports general director): “We have a good group and we knew we were good. We tried to prove it again today and that's what we did. (…) We are all working hard on it and you can feel that we are a unit not only on the court, but also off it.”

“We continue to find space at Bayern. “I think we also showed bravery and self-confidence with the ball and good structure.”

Robert Andrich (Bayer Leverkusen): “From minute 1 to minute 90 we were stepping on the accelerator. We did good things with the ball and we were very good in front of goal. We were a little surprised by Bayern's lineup. Then we accepted it and discussed how we would play against him, and I think it didn't turn out too bad.”