Thomas Tuchel He wonders how this could have happened. “I have no idea,” says the Bayern coach. And further: “We have approached him and he is extremely carefree. Also extremely weak in duels. It is simply not possible at this level. It's difficult to answer. We had everything under control after the 2-0 victory. “We are having a hard time staying focused and leveling up.”

After his fourth yellow card of the season, Tuchel will be in the next Bundesliga-The home match against 1. FC Köln will not be able to sit on the bench. “I was standing once today. I trained everything sitting down. A clearly wrong decision by the team and then the yellow card is immediately shown,” Tuchel complains. So what is the preparation for Arsenal like? “I don't know. It's hard to talk about a positive boost. Now we're here at the Heidenheim fan curve and I'm supposed to talk about a positive effect,” Tuchel hisses at the end to the Sky reporter.

Comments on Bayern's defeat – Matthäus: “Tuchel can no longer make the team”

Christoph Freund (FC Bayern sporting director): “It cannot be our goal to concede three goals when we are 2-0 up. We have to question ourselves together as a group. Now everyone has to take care of their noses. Twice in a week, it's crazy. “It's a real disappointment, but we know we can do things differently and we have to react.”

Freund also confirmed in the Sky interview that Thomas Tuchel will remain on the coach's bench for the Champions League match against Arsenal.

“No, I didn't have that thought,” says Bayern sports director Max Eberl When asked about a possible short-term coaching change: “That's definitely not the way. Bayern have already fired the coach, but he remains where he is. It's not always just a coaching problem.” However, Eberl would not confirm that this job guarantee also applies until the end of the season. “We have to make sure we get to the Champions League,” said the 50-year-old. years: “But for me it is completely clear that he will be on the bench next Tuesday and that he will be on the bench against Cologne on Saturday.”

Lothar Matthäus (sky expert): “The result says a lot. Thomas Tuchel can no longer join the team! There are strange press conferences, strange statements. There are strange criticisms on their part. That's why I imagine Bayern reacting in the next 24 or 48 hours. This can not go on like this! The team needs a new boost. “Thomas Tuchel can no longer give them that.”

Schmidt: “If you don't hit the slopes today, we'll kick you out.”

Didi Hamann (sky expert): “They always play the same football: uninspiring! You have made the fatal decision to continue like this. They had the option of taking one and giving it ten days. These were signs of dissolution. If one arrives on Tuesday, we have to be careful that the entire club does not dissolve.”

The pain after his celebration of the winning goal against FC Bayern took Frank Schmidt Happy to buy. “Unfortunately I am already at a disadvantage on the left. Then I slipped and it went backwards to the right. But I think it's a nice feeling to have a torn muscle fiber again,” said the 1. FC Heidenheim coach after the spectacular 3-2 victory against Sky.

At the same time, Schmidt expressly asked his players to have a party after the comeback. “If you don't go to the track today, we'll kick you out,” says the Heidenheim coach, laughing.