Images that remain in memory: The German pentathlete Annika Schleu with her horse Saint Boy at the Olympic Games
Image: EPA

Not to mention that he has been dead for 86 years, the World Federation of Pentathletes publishes a conversation with the father of the modern Olympic Games. He gives his blessing to a controversial rule change.

PPierre de Coubertin is dead, did you know that? We also. But due to current circumstances, we had to look into it again. Because Pierre de Coubertin gave an interview. It was published on the UIPM website.of the International Federation of Modern Pentathletes, noting that the P in the acronym stands for Pentathlon, not Paranormal.

The UIPM managed to get in touch with the inventor of the modern Olympic Games – and of modernity – who died eighty-six and a half years ago. Pentathlon. The UIPM had probably forgotten the note that the Baron was no longer among the living since September 2, 1937. It can happen with the joy of such a sensational scoop.