DThe famous “Titanic” wooden panel that saved the film's main character Rose DeWitt, but not Jack Dawson, has been sold at auction. At Heritage Auctions' global auction in Dallas, Texas, USA, it changed hands for US$718,750 (approx. €662,000), making it the “king of auctions,” according to the American auction house.

The iconic prop from the Oscar-winning film has been the subject of debate for years. It was about nothing less than the question of whether Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack would have fit in after the sinking of the passenger steamer – that is, whether James Cameron's classic film could have had a happy ending.

According to the auction house, the wooden panel was often mistakenly called a “door”. In fact, it was “part of the doorframe above the entrance to the first class cabin.”

In addition to the wooden plaque, other Titanic pieces were among the auction's top items: her prototype sold for $125,000, the ship's rudder for $200,000, and Rose's chiffon dress for $118,750, according to records.