A couple from England bought a camper van during the coronavirus pandemic and are now successfully renting it out. They earn the equivalent of 35,445 euros a year from their business.

Anna and Sergio from Croydon, England, bought a used camper van during the pandemic and turned it into a lucrative business. The Sun reports that the couple earn £30,000 a year renting out their motorhome.

The couple wanted to “live a wild adventure”

“We wanted to go on a wild adventure, so we decided to buy a camper,” Anna said, according to the Sun. They bought the camper from another family in 2020. Friends and family quickly heard about their travels and the idea of ​​renting the camper was born.

“Like a mini hotel on wheels”

The couple now rent out three campervans through the Camplify platform and earn between £8,000 (around €9,400) and £10,000 (around €11,800) per vehicle per year. Anna explains that the administration takes a lot of time and effort: “It's like a mini hotel on wheels and we're always there, 24 hours a day, when the campervans are rented out, to sort out any problems.”

Campervans are available for hire from £60 (about €70) per night and are used by the family to travel around Britain. Anna describes this type of travel as affordable and flexible, especially for families.

Brits choose van life and reveal the costs

Another couple from the UK has decided to move their entire life into a van. As they reveal on the TikTok platform, they spend less than in an apartment and at the same time have the freedom to travel.

In total, their annual expenses amount to around £15,000 (about 17,795 euros). This does not include the van, on which they spent almost £17,000 (about 20,180 euros).

A British couple have also taken up residence in their caravan. Ivan and his partner had to leave their rented apartment in Lincolnshire because the owner wanted to sell it.

Now they share on YouTube how, after vacating their apartment, they now save thousands of euros by living together in a caravan. They overcome a challenge to British law with the help of friends.