With the first warm days in Germany, the desire to visit the ice cream parlor increases, a tradition that, however, entails increasing costs. The 2024 ice cream season has just begun, but the trend toward higher prices per scoop of ice cream continues unabated.

For comparison: in 2023, the national average price of a scoop of ice cream was still 1.62 euros. This year it is also evident that ice cream parlors in various cities and regions will increase their prices by between 10 and 20 cents per scoop, as usual.

Prices of a scoop of ice cream in Germany 2024

The 2024 ice season is still in its early stages; There is still no “official” average price for ball in Germany. However, what there are are regional trends and big differences from one provider to another:

  • Augsburg: First checks at ice cream parlors show that in the city of Fugger there is a wide variety of ice cream prices, starting at 1.40 euros, but some ice cream parlors also charge 2 euros. From time to time you also come across price levels: Depending on the variety, different ball prices are offered.
  • Sedan: Berlin begins the ice cream season with wildly fluctuating prices in the capital. Some suppliers charge 2.50 euros per scoop, but there are also ice cream parlors that only charge 1.50 euros.
  • Delmenhorst: Smaller towns, lower ice cream prices, in Oldenburger Land you can get a scoop for between 1.40 and 1.60 euros.
  • Eat: In Essen, the new norm is 1.50 per scoop of ice cream.
  • Hilden: According to initial investigations, ice cream prices in Hilden are pleasantly low: this cold refreshment can be purchased from 1.20 euros per scoop.
  • Cologne: In Cologne you can also find ice cream parlors where a scoop costs 2 euros, but you can also get lucky and eat ice cream for only 1.50 euros, reportedly.
  • Northney: The East Frisian island probably holds the price record in Germany: ice cream fans will have to pay up to 3.50 euros per scoop.
  • Recklinghausen: Small balls are available from €1.30, but current research shows that the average is probably €1.70 to €1.80, although €2.20 per ball is also sometimes charged.
  • Swords: If you queue at Schwerte ice cream parlours, you can expect prices starting at 1.20 euros per scoop. But it also goes up to 1.80 euros.
  • Sylt: On Sylt there is an island surcharge for a scoop of ice cream; Up to 3 euros are charged. You almost have to be content with 2.50 for simple individual varieties.

This is how the world eats: different countries, different ice cream customs

Weloveholidays looked to the future and created a forecast for ice cream costs in 2028. To do this, the online travel provider analyzed data from TripAdvisor and Statista from the last five years to determine the average cost of a scoop of ice cream. Annual inflation rates by country were then included.

Forecasts show that the largest price increase is expected in Portugal. The cost of a scoop of ice cream could reach an impressive 3.70 euros in five years. In Spain and Great Britain it is expected to owe an average of more than 4 euros.

In comparison, German ice cream lovers can consider themselves almost lucky. According to forecasts, the price of ice cream in this country will go from an average of 1.50 euros to 1.72 euros in 2028. This means that Germany continues to be the country with the lowest ice cream prices in European comparison.

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