the dax It was recorded on Thursday shortly after nine at 18,375 points, an increase of 0.04 percent compared to the previous day. The MDax the median values ​​lost 0.15 percent to 27,079 points. And the EuroStoxx 50 starts at 5069 points and 0.05 percent earnings.

The strongest DAX stocks in the morning were Commerzbankquota with a price increase of almost four percent. Siemens Energy and BMW They could also increase. Beiersdorf was at the bottom of the classification, Henkel and Continental. Each of them loses about one percent.

Investors are not expecting quarterly figures from large companies this Thursday.

Oil prices are rising

According to the latest statements from the oil association OPEC+ on production policy, oil prices continued the gains of the previous days in the morning. However, prices only increased slightly. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent variety for June delivery it was $89.59 that morning. That was 24 cents more than the day before. The price of a barrel of US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for delivery in May rose 20 cents to $85.63.

US Stock Exchanges Mixed Specifications

US stock markets performed differently the night before and did not send clear signals to European investors.

The Dow Jones Industrial It ended Wednesday trading at 39,127 points and lost 0.22 percent. The Nasdaq, high technology It closed at 16,277 points, an increase of 37 points or 0.23 percent.

Intel shares plummet

Shares of chipmaker Intel. lost 8.2 percent. Reason for investor frustration: Intel's foundry business, i.e. contract manufacturing of chips, increased its losses in 2023. Losses rose last year to about $7 billion (2022: $5.2 billion). Sales fell by a third to $18 billion. Intel management tried to reassure investors that Foundry had reached its lowest point.

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