NAfter the girl's violent death in an orphanage in Upper Frangimaa, the boy has made serious allegations against the man who is currently on trial for the ten-year-old rape. Investigators say the now twelve-year-old boy allegedly killed the girl, but he cannot be prosecuted because of his age.

He has now testified as a witness in the trial, his lawyer Michael Hasslacher told the German Press Agency on Wednesday. Accordingly, the boy claimed that the 26-year-old man accused of raping urged him to kill the girl. The reason the man told the boy was because the girl recognized them both.

The boy's testimony contradicts the testimony of the defendant. At the beginning of the trial, the man's lawyer read a statement that the defendant never wanted the girl dead – and never asked the boy to kill her. However, the defendant admitted to raping the girl and breaking into the house.

The boy confesses to the killing

According to Hasslacher, a 12-year-old boy admitted to killing the girl during closed-door testimony at the Hof District Court on Tuesday. According to the boy, the 26-year-old accused was still present when the crime began, Hasslacher said.

A spokesman for the court did not want to give any information when asked by dpa, citing the public's repulsion. The 26-year-old defense lawyer could not initially be reached for comment on Wednesday.

On the morning of April 4, 2023, a ten-year-old was found dead in the room of an orphanage in Wunsiedel. A police investigation concluded that the then eleven-year-old killed the girl during an argument that night. The defendant is said to have broken into the house before. He allegedly sexually abused the boy and then raped the girl. The state prosecutor also accuses the man of several other burglaries.

In a statement read out at the start of the trial, the defendant admitted to most of the crimes he was charged with, which did not include killing the girl. He also stated that he ran away from home after raping the child.

The boy is considered a victim in the trial and, like the parents of the murdered girl, he is a co-plaintiff.