Defense Minister Boris Pistorius with the Defense Minister of Kosovo, Ejup Maqedonci (center) and the head of the “Kosovo Search and Rescue International Training Center,” John Doone (right), in Prishtina on Monday
Image: dpa

Russia is also playing its game in the Western Balkans. Defense Minister Pistorius warned during his visit that states would have to decide with whom they would work together.

GBoris Pistorius (SPD) brought presents, admonitions and also a small military reinforcement with him on his multi-day trip to the Balkans. “You cannot dance at two weddings at the same time,” said the German Defense Minister in Prishtina, repeated it in Sarajevo and also made it unusually clear in Belgrade, where Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić is in charge. He can tug or pull on them at any time to cause unrest, perhaps even war, somewhere in the northern part of Kosovo or in Republika Srpska, the Serb-dominated part of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Pistorius experienced in Sarajevo during a discussion with the “presidency”, the three representatives of Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs, that people don't allow each other butter on their bread and often want a future without the other ethnic group. It was heard from the ministerial delegation that they were attacking one another rather than working together to lead their barren country onto the path to the European Union. Everyone wants to go there, especially because of the money.