World basketball champion Dennis Schröder moves from the Toronto Raptors to the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. The German Press Agency based in Braunschweig on Thursday confirmed the corresponding reports from the American media. “Yes, that's true,” said Schröder.

This is what Schröder likes about his new team

The Nets have “good players to play with.” He hopes “that Mikal Bridges and Cam Thomas aren't too mad at me about the World Cup.” The two players on the American team had lost to Germany in the World Cup semifinals against the United States.

The Nets are Schröder's seventh team in the NBA. He began his career with the Atlanta Hawks. He then played for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the Houston Rockets, again for the Lakers and, since the beginning of the season, for the Toronto Raptors. in Canada. In the Eastern Conference table, the Nets are just ahead of the Raptors and fighting for playoff participation.