The special thing about the DFB Cup is that, in theory, all clubs have a chance to win the cup, regardless of their league. Participation is also worth it financially. Only until the semifinals will a total of 69 million euros be paid to the clubs.

The end of the DFB-The 2024 Cup is approaching: on May 25, two football clubs will fight again in Berlin for the coveted title. Participation in the DFB Cup also benefits the teams financially.

How much money do clubs earn in the DFB Cup?

All participants in the first round of the DFB Cup will receive 215,600 euros. This sum is made up of television revenue and exclusive partnerships. Afterwards the quantities increase continuously. In the second main round there are already 431,200 euros for each club.

The teams that reach the round of 16 will be able to receive 862,400 euros and the quarterfinalists a whopping 1,724,800 euros. The four best clubs will receive 3,449,600 euros in addition to the bonuses they have already received.

DFB Cup: What bonus does the finalist have?

The DFB has not yet communicated the exact total of the two teams that will participate in the final on May 25 at the Olympic Station in Berlin. In the last 2022/23 season, the second team received an extra 2,880,000 euros and the winning team even received 4,320,000 euros.


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