FAccording to the media, the German football team can celebrate potential goals in the test against the Netherlands “completely independently”. As Sport1 first reported, a new anthem will be played in Tuesday night's game (20:45/RTL) following an online petition with numerous supporters for the goals scored by the German national soccer team. Peter Schilling's Neue Deutsche Welle hit “Major Tom” should therefore be performed as many fans wish. The DFB did not initially confirm this when asked.

As Sport1 further reported, the song could not be used as national coach Julian Nagelsmann's team only managed a consolation goal. By the time the petition was closed, nearly 70,000 votes had been collected.

“Major Tom” in Adidas commercials

Zombie Nation's song “Kernkraft 400” was last played at the DFB gates; fans voted for it in a German Football Association vote in mid-2019.

“Major Tom” has been heard a lot lately in connection with the national team, because the song is heard in the advertising videos of Adidas' new shirts. Clips of the DFB selection's previous goals accompanied by the song then appeared on social media. In the chorus of the 1982 song, the spacecraft floats “totally weightless” and “totally off the ground.”

Schilling feels honored

The song should, yes, become Germany's goal anthem as requested. A corresponding online petition has “went through the roof,” a dismayed Peter Schilling said. “I didn't expect this dynamic,” says Schilling. Does he feel respected? “Definitely yes!”

Euphoria has long taken him. The 68-year-old is a huge fan and has played football himself. He almost ended up at VfB Stuttgart through a talent screening tournament. “I can sort of understand what a professional feels when he's scored a goal,” he says, “I think the line 'Totally detached' best describes that feeling for the players themselves and also for the audience.”

However, the song is unlikely to be used in the German goals at the upcoming European Championships. According to dpa information, the Euro goal chimes are the same for all teams and belong to the official song of the 2024 European Championship. In addition, participating national associations can submit song suggestions both for the warm-up and after the final whistle.