IIn recent days, Ukrainian drones have apparently once again caused damage to military facilities in Russia. According to the Ukrainska Pravda portal, two drones struck the Russian flight training center Borisoglebsk in the Voronezh region on Tuesday night. The facility is approximately 400 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Surveillance camera images published on Russian Telegram channels show heavy anti-aircraft fire followed by an explosion.

Stefan Locke

Political correspondent for Poland, Ukraine and the Baltics based in Warsaw.

According to the information, both drones hit the building and damaged the facade and windows. Voronezh Region Governor Aleksandr Gusev confirmed an attack on Telegram, but said the drones had been discovered and destroyed. Nobody was injured and the consequences are now being clarified. However, according to Ukrainska Pravda sources, it was said to have been an operation by the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Service (HUR).

Already on Sunday there was said to have been an attack on the Russian multi-purpose combat ship Serpukhov, which belongs to the Baltic Fleet and is moored at the Baltisk naval base in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. It is one of eleven ships there that are equipped with the Kalibr-N long-range missile system, reports the Ukrainian portal “New Voice”. A fire broke out during the attack and severely damaged the ship, especially inside. According to “New Voice” and other Ukrainian media, Ukrainian military intelligence is also behind this. In any case, the HUR published a video on Monday that is said to show an explosion on the ship. Russian representatives have not yet commented.

If the Ukrainian reports are confirmed, Kiev would have succeeded in attacking Russia's Baltic Fleet for the first time. So far, Ukraine has sunk or disabled around two dozen Russian warships in the Black Sea, which is also one reason why some of its seaports, which are particularly important for grain exports, are now accessible again. The now allegedly attacked ship Serpukhov was also in Sevastopol, the location of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on the occupied Crimean peninsula, for a year after its commissioning in 2015, of which Ukraine claims to have put a third out of action.

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