Dieter Bohlen recently turned 70 – but he wasn't happy about his birthday surprise on “Das Supertalent”: the artist farted on his birthday cake.

On February 7, Dieter Bohlen celebrated his 70th year of love. It was worthy of a special broadcast on his home channel RTL three days later. No, not a huge live concert like the one Dieter gave himself on his birthday at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin (with himself as the headliner, of course), but an extensive canned show. The third (recorded) preliminary round episode of “Das Supertalent” (RTL) was twice as long as the first two shows, featuring 18 potential supertalents.

Three of them can be described as “birthday surprises”. One of them was spectacular, one perhaps unique in the world and one so far absolutely unrivaled. But there was only one positive thing…

Super Talent: A Reunion with Winner Nick Ferretti

At first everything was as usual. Julia Maier danced beautifully. Daniele Tommasi and Naimana Casanova surprised everyone because they are not ventriloquists, but ventriloquists, and performed “La donna è mobile” from Giuseppe Verdi's opera “Rigoletto”. Andrea from London wowed the audience and the judges (among others) by being able to spin a hula hoop using only her butt. Maybe then you would have been able to pay attention. But initially, Dimitrios Sdrinias' awkward roller-skating number was the worst, as Bohlen also felt: “I haven't seen anything this bad in a long time.”

But then there was a warm reunion. Suddenly, Nick Ferretti walked onto the stage and was greeted warmly by Bohlen. But the winner of the 2020 “Supertalent” was not the main attraction, but the head of the jury. With a technical trick (a deep fake), Normann Seidel and his partner Christian created a Dieter double: Nick Ferretti sang (beautifully), but the audience saw Dieter Bohlen's face on the screen. “Cool idea,” praised Bruce Darnell, and Bohlen sighed, “Oh, if only I could sing that beautifully.” Because the “world-class voice” (Darnell) came from Ferretti.

Suddenly there are two Dieter Bohlens

Maybe he'll hear Bohlen again soon. Because he renewed his promise to Ferret: “When I get married, you will be my singer!” We recently heard that this could happen sooner than previously thought. Bohlen would like to marry Carina, who has been his partner since 2006, for his third marriage.

Some actions could make a good wedding support program. For example, the twelve dancers of the “Black Widow” group would be a real gem. Her 120 finger and 48 hand dances, all of which are as elegant, graceful and synchronized as if they were one, Anna Ermakova was rightfully awarded the Golden Buzzer. Martial artist Manfred Heldt could also cut tougher baguettes by putting his hand on the buffet, and the really awesome stuntman Alexander Mack could light a fire outside as a human torch. Real eye-catchers, all.

Giovanni Alecci, in turn, would be suitable for refinancing. Alecci is a master at conning people, distracting them and stealing their cell phones, wallets, watches, and ringtones during casual conversation. Moderator Jens “Knossi” Knossalla was able to experience this firsthand as a volunteer.

“Musician with an A”

Dan Meyer would be the guy driving the food truck around the lot. If there is no tractor, he does it himself: with a rope attached to the hilt of a sword, with the blade around his neck. Anyone who sees this will get a lump in their throat – and may be more restrained at the party buffet.

Charlotte Greuel as a horse impersonator, dancers Laora (11) and Lina (10) and the turbulent LED drummers of “Rabbaz” are perhaps still too young for such a party among the golden oldies. Lui Nereus, on the other hand, would be exactly right. The artist, who may have shown some tricks at the street lamp, is 74 years old, just four years older than Bohlen.

Christine Koehl and the accordion duo “con:trust” would probably have less chance of being invited. Both are tops in their fields, but their talent is a bit dated – even for Dieter Bohlen. Koehl is a top whistler and trills over four octaves. Still, he'd rather use Dieter as a bouncer at the end of the party. And Marius Staible and Daniel Roth don't do their “squeeze your breasts” at all. Although he was enthusiastic about her performance on the instruments (“As a musician, with an A”), he ultimately considered her virtuoso playing a “useless art.”

Dieter Bohlen experiences an unpleasant surprise

Ichikawa Koikuchi should definitely not wait for an invitation. The Japanese (“Dieter is also a superstar in Japan”) paid homage to the birthday boy with a unique talent: he can belly up whenever he wants. He used it to blow a carnival trumpet and a blowpipe to shoot a party balloon with an arrow. He then blew out the five candles on the birthday cake served by Jens Knossalla – one after the other and using only his butt cheek. It could have gone wrong!

When Dieter was handed the cake, he was not very happy about it. “I'm glad he farted on my cake,” he said sarcastically, then was surprised that no one in the audience wanted cake.

“Happy birthday, Mr. President.”

Koikuchi's performance was even better. Because horror returned in the form of Stefan Choné. Since the second season, the traditionally silent man has repeatedly shocked the audience and the jury with his most bizarre performances. Of course he shouldn't miss Dieter's birthday party.

And so Choné unwrapped herself from a huge gift package, stepped out as Marilyn Monroe in red fishnet stockings and a white dress, and breathed “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to the pop titan. At a proper Dieter's party, the guests would probably fall for the crab roll. Dieter also: “You're definitely the ugliest Marilyn copy I've ever seen.” So a super comparison from Bohlen's mouth. Choné could only heartily agree, “I think I've outdone myself.” Happy Holidays.

This article “Bad surprise for Dieter Bohlen: artist farts on birthday cake” was originally from Teleschau.