Visual effects company. Digital domain and Production Resource Group have partnered to expand the menu of vfx and post-production services offered by both firms.

Digital Domain and PRG together aim to offer clients a one-stop shop for high-end visual effects, holograms, virtual production and other content creation-related services. The new partners view the deal as a “co-branding” agreement that expands the reach of both companies.

“Our co-brand partnership has a clear goal: retain and expand market share, foster innovative trends and explore pioneering technologies that redefine the art of storytelling,” said Lala Gavgavian, President and COO of Digital Domain.

Todd Hoddick, president of entertainment at PRG, emphasized that the goal is to offer more efficient and profitable options for the many studios and producers who work with both companies.

“Through our partnership with Digital Domain, virtual production redefines creative boundaries. It strengthens brands in cost-conscious markets and studios that cater to diverse consumer preferences,” Hoddick said.

Jeroen Hallaert, vice president of production services at PRG, said the partnership also aims to help smaller, independent producers access top-tier production technology. PRG services include its “Enhanced Environments” virtual production tools.

“This innovation streamlines workflows, reshapes collaboration dynamics, and enables creative refinement in real time, from ‘preparation’ to ‘publishing,'” Hallaert said.

Digital Domain has been a major player in the vfx industry since 1993. The company has offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and other cities. PRG, founded in 1983 as Harris Production Services, has 62 offices in 28 countries.

(Pictured: Hanno Basse and Lala Gavgavian of Digital Domain with Todd Hoddick and Jeroen Hallaert of PRG)