'Bland' and 'insignificant': diners expect star cuisine – and are disappointed

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Karsten (63) has the longest cooking experience. Therefore, on the 4th day, guests hope for a “perfect dinner” at the star level. Are they too demanding?

Criminal defense attorney Karsten has lived in Bayreuth for 40 years, but “I was born in a pot”. He came to Franconia to study law, then married a woman from Upper Franconia and stayed in his new home. He taught himself to eat through books. “It's a lot à la minute,” he has planned a lot for his “perfect dinner”. “If I give it to myself, I really want to give it to myself.” His three-course menu sounds promising:

  • Appetizer: marinated shrimp with mashed potatoes à la Frédy Girardet with shallots and chili jam
  • Main course: Chateaubriand with roasted potatoes and stuffed tomatoes in a red wine sauce
  • Dessert: Whiskey cake and coffee with mascarpone cream

Nadine (26) definitely expects a high level, even “almost one-star cuisine”. Patrick (38) is delighted with the red wine sauce: “This is what distinguishes good cooks from very good cooks.” Klaus (57) is already looking at the dessert: “I think whiskey is cool!”

“I thought her outfit was very stylish”

Karsten opens the door for the guests, wearing a red apron and a striped shirt. “I thought her outfit was very stylish,” says Patrick, who loved the lift. Nadine laughs: “With his outfit, Karsten could definitely perform in “Ratatouille” as well.” Everyone is also surprised by the decor. Nadine would have expected less color: “A red carpet in the living room – I guess no one would have expected that.” In addition to the interior, Marion (50) is also impressed by the welcome daiquiri: «It's blooming! “

While Karsten prepares shrimps, mashed potatoes and shallot-chili jam, Klaus causes a small flood with a carafe of water on the table. “Klaus is a bit crazy,” laughs Marion. Klaus quickly pats his seat dry before serving the food. Frédy Girardet is “one of the founders of the new cuisine,” says Karsten, explaining a recipe that uses waxy potatoes and olive oil instead of butter. Marion enigmas: “I didn't know what was so special about this chef with three Michelin stars. It tasted like mash.” Patrick also had higher expectations: “I found the shrimp to be pretty underwhelming.” At least Nadine's veggie version tasted exceptional: “The Brussels sprouts are wow.”

It was “unfortunately a bit bland”

Followed by: Chateaubriand with roasted potatoes and stuffed tomatoes in a red wine sauce. “I think pesto is great. “It's really crazy,” Patrick praises the little green blob on his plate. He was also impressed by the Parmesan tomato: “I barely liked it artisanally.” However, Karsten could not fully convince him: “The sauce was remarkable.” Klaus, too, had expected something different. What he finds: “A relatively watery red wine sauce.” Marion agrees: “It tasted almost like nothing.” His conclusion: “Unfortunately, it disappointed me a little.” Criticism directly hurts him, sorry but it was “unfortunately a bit bland”.

The fact that Karsten whips the cream by hand is really popular. It should finish the whiskey cake with coffee panna cotta and coffee liqueur. “Should we calculate how much time of his life he wasted on this?” jokes Klaus. “It can be done in two minutes with a mixer, and he's probably been mixing it for 20 minutes now.” Marion likes crafts: “This is Karsten!” Nadine enjoys the coffee panna cotta: “Tastes absolutely delicious.” However, Klaus is. you can't be friends with a sponge cake: “It was just a health cake with a little whisky.”

The evening is worth 30 points for guests. This means that Karsten will initially join Klaus in last place.

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This article “Dinner guests expect star cuisine – and are disappointed” was originally from Teleschau.

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