Houston, Texas is the birthplace of many music icons: Beyoncé, Paul Wall, Travis Scott and Bun B all come from the largest city in the Lone Star State. So when one of these legends decides to launch something in H-Town, it will definitely make some noise. Yet few could have predicted the buzz when UGK’s Trill OG itself opened its new burger concept, Trill Burgers, in June after a few years of appearing at festivals across the country.

Drake went to Bun’s new restaurant. Shaq too. E-40, Luda and Tyson have all been there. It’s no wonder, then, that locals and tourists alike are willing to brave the queue, which often wraps around the store front.

Fortunately, this snaking line moves quickly and efficiently. Upon entry, diners are greeted with a hard-hitting mix of dirty southern hip-hop, from the likes of Outkast, Paul Wall, Gucci Mane and of course, UGK. The walls are covered in graffiti depicting Bun, as well as his late bandmate, Pimp C. Bun has always been the holder of Pimp’s legacy and the decor emphasizes their brotherhood.

Trill offers a simple menu of its standard “OG Burger” – a smash burger with two patties, two slices of American cheese, pickles, caramelized onions and a signature sauce. Diners can also order the Triple OG Burger, an OG Vegan Burger made with Impossible Foods patties, and a Triple OG Vegan Burger. It’s a sparse In-n-Out level without the secret menu – a strategic decision to ensure that quality control remains locked in.

Hello America recently named Trill Burgers the best burger in the country. It was also a success this year Coachella. It was therefore quite natural that the Uproxx crew had to visit him.

Tasting Notes and Thoughts:

Alex Gonzalez

After about 15 minutes of waiting, I ordered the OG burger combo, which came with fries and a drink. With thin patties crushed with pickles and caramelized onions, topped with special sauce and sandwiched between two Martin’s buns, the burger already has the makings of a Southern favorite. And I’m here to spoil this review by telling you that it delivers on flavor.

The OG burger is particularly juicy; This is literally the first note I wrote. The sweetness of the onions, sauce and pickles balance well with the umami flavor of the patty. The burnt outer edges of the smash burger also give the burger a nice crispy texture. Some smash burgers rely on an assortment of toppings and toppings, but Trill’s are so well seasoned that even with just two toppings (and the sauce), the burger is literally bursting with flavor.

I felt like it would have been nice to balance out the meat with some lettuce or tomatoes, but I definitely like the Trill OG more than the Smashburger, based on flavor alone. Perhaps lettuce or tomato options will be added as the restaurant finds its footing.

The fries contain a crispy outer coating, which gives them a sweet taste and almost cheddar aftertaste. I wondered if the potatoes were brined in pickle juice before being put in the fryer, but that idea was debunked by an employee, who noted that the taste came from the store’s secret seasoning assortment. restaurant. Either way, these fries are undeniably delicious and even more so when dipped in the secret burger sauce (ask for it on the side).

The tour turned out to be quite quick, with guests moving in and out quickly. The burgers and fries aren’t too heavy, which is ideal if you’re walking around Houston after lunch. Trill is located in a shopping district with a local music store, a used bookstore, and a comic and game store – plenty of ways to save time if you’re taking a day trip from Dallas (like us we did it).

The essential :

Trill is awesome. Incredible, even. Admittedly, opening a restaurant in Houston — the mecca for southern staples like barbecue and burgers — is a tall order. But with a legend behind it and a solid clientele from here and abroad, the burger joint is sure to become a city staple. And don’t be surprised if Trill OG plans to franchise throughout Texas and beyond.

Trill Burgers is located at 3607 S. Shepherd Dr. in Houston, Texas.