Will Radiohead will they be the next group to break their long hiatus? Through a chain of interviews featuring different members, fans are wondering if they could make it. At the top of the year, drummer Philip Selway silence the rumors that the group disbanded.

So what’s the verdict? Simply put, Radiohead hopes to release a new album with original music, but not as soon as their supporters would like. During a interview with Uproxx Steven Hyden, Selway shed light on the group’s future plans. Asked about the timetable, Selway admitted that a Radiohead album would not be released before the end of the year.

“We meet quite regularly and discuss what we could do. But we also talk a lot about our own projects that we’re working on at the moment. Right now, it seems like all of these different projects need our attention. Ed is currently working on a solo album and it’s going to be great. And Thom and Jonny are working more on The Smile, and it’s been great watching that last year. And then Colin beats us all hands down, working with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis,” Selway said.

In the meantime, Radiohead has decades of music to hold its listeners over until the faithful day.