Just days before Kate's surprise statement and announcement of her cancer, her sister Meghan launched her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, online. The Instagram account now has over 600,000 followers and the first product, jam, has been made available to at least a select few. But the project is not going very smoothly. First of all, everyone looked at the British royal family, because in addition to the shocking diagnosis, there was no room for the mysterious new project of the emigrating duchess. Now the “American Riviera Orchard” is back in chaos and Kate is back at the center of the action.

An anonymous buyer is causing problems with Duchess Meghan's project

As The Mirror reports, an anonymous buyer has purchased the domain americanrivieraorchard.uk, which can only be identified by UK at the end differs from Meghan's own web address, which begins with the letter a com ends. But where does this address lead? And what does Kate have to do with it?

An anonymous shopper is using the website to raise money for the Trussel Trust, a UK charity that supplies people in need.

And writes: “It's not Meghan, but I hope Meghan doesn't mind.” A message was also sent to Kate and King Charles: “Thoughts with Catherine, Princess of Wales and His Majesty the King. x”

Duchess Meghan draws attention to British charity

The link takes you to the fundraising page, which has long since surpassed its £1,000 fundraising target. So far over £10,000 has been raised from over 800 donors. Here it also becomes clear that Meghan herself has nothing to do with the website and the fundraising campaign.

To dispel doubts about Meghan's American Riviera Orchard project, it is explained that the domain was purchased solely to raise funds for the Trussel Trust. It's unclear who bought the domain, but it's definitely not Meghan. “Someone else is selling towels,” jokes the anonymous originator.

The organization itself also has no information about the collection campaign. “The Trussell Trust is grateful to the people who give their time and energy to support our work to end the need for food banks in the UK. The charity is not affiliated with the domain of this website and does not know who set it up,” the statement said.

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