That's how high Ehrlich Brohter's assets are

The Ehrlich Brothers, these are Christian and Andreas Reinelt. The brothers have been on stage together as a duo of magicians for years, mesmerizing their audiences and making good money doing it.

According to Vermögens Magazin, the total assets of the Ehrlich brothers reach 30 million euros, with each brother owning 15 million euros. The Reinelt brothers make money with their stage shows.

In them, they show numerous magic tricks, perform illusions and spread magic with holograms and drones. The name of the Ehrlich brothers should make it clear that this is not some kind of racket.

Magicians are illusionists and work with people's thoughts and imagination. The brothers' careers initially began separately, but both quickly realized that they work even better as a duo.

Since their breakthrough in 2000, the magicians have celebrated many successes. Christian and Andreas have already been chosen as magicians of the year several times and may break the world record for the most watched magic show. The brothers have their own
A lot of magic boxes for kids on the market
Released DVDs and even a
Released music album.

This is how the Ehrlich brothers tick in private

The Ehrlich brothers are from Ostwestfalen-Lippe and are actually brothers. Chris is the younger of the two and stands out with his blonde streaks. Andreas wears his hair darker and up.

Both were interested in magic in childhood, were given a magic box and later turned the hobby into a profession. Both originally learned something completely different. Andreas studied sports and mathematics to become a teacher, Christian chose Romance languages ​​and English and then studied pyrotechnics.

Not much is known about the magician duo privately. Andreas is married with three children and lives in Bünde in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is not officially known whether his brother Christian is also in good hands. But as fans know, the Ehrlich brothers don't just appear on stage together professionally, they also live very close to each other in private life.