tesla According to its own information, two of its “Optimus” humanoid robots perform tasks autonomously in the factory. In a post on X, the electric car maker left open exactly what tasks were involved.

The news was just one point in a long list of Tesla milestones intended to convince shareholders to vote again in favor of a billion-dollar compensation package for company boss Elon Musk.

Shareholders must decide whether to move the company's official headquarters.

In April, Musk said Tesla's humanoid robot could perform simple manufacturing tasks in the lab. The goal is to get the machines into production halls for limited use before the end of the year. They should also be offered for sale to other companies by the end of 2025. At the time, Musk reiterated that he believed “Optimus” would be more valuable than anything else at Tesla in the long term.

Tesla shareholders will vote again Thursday on a stock package worth tens of billions of dollars for company boss Elon Musk that was torpedoed by a court. At the same time, depending on the wishes of the electric car manufacturer, he would have to decide whether to move the company's official headquarters from Delaware to Texas.

The stock package approved by shareholders in 2018, whose value was then set at $56 billion, was annulled by a Delaware judge following a lawsuit from an investor. He concluded that Musk had too much influence behind the scenes in agreeing to the generous compensation on Tesla's board of directors to call it a fair process. And the shareholders didn't know it, meaning they didn't have a chance to make a well-considered decision.