Is the era of large luxury SUVs over? In the used vehicle market, the Audi Q8, Range Rover and Tesla Model X are rapidly losing value. However, for lovers of thick and fast sleds, this can also be a purchasing opportunity.

Bargain hunters see their opportunity

The portal has identified exclusively for FOCUS online the five electric cars and the five combustion engines whose average prices have fallen the most throughout the year (March 2023 versus March 2024). According to AutoScout24 analysts, March 2023 saw the previous peak in used car prices; Since then, the prices of most models have fallen again or at least sideways.

Of course, caution is recommended with all these cars: although the purchase price seems attractive for young and luxury used cars, the running costs (gasoline or electricity, maintenance, spare parts, vehicle taxes, insurance) for Luxury SUVs and sports cars should not be underestimated.

The five electric cars with the biggest price drops

This list is not particularly pleasant for either the leader Tesla or the German automakers:

  • The large electric SUV leads the trend with a drop in average prices of more than 23,000 euros Tesla model the bargain target list. The Trumm 7-seater is less suitable for German parking lots and, with its error-prone swing doors, is not exactly the best Tesla model. But used, you can now get it for about 50,000 euros on average for the price of a better equipped compact SUV.
  • The drop in value is not minor Audi e-tron . With an average price of around 47,000 euros, the used all-wheel drive electric vehicle is reasonably affordable. Of course, his biggest enemy may be lurking in his own home: the one he just introduced.

It can do many things much better than its predecessor.

  • Also a Porsche Taycan Its value falls unusually quickly: the average price, even for used examples, remains just under 100,000 euros. These are in fourth and fifth place on the list of successful offers. Tesla model S and the BMW iX, definitely recommended as an electric SUV.
  • The five combustion engines with the biggest price drop

    As with electric models, the same applies to combustion engines: large, heavy SUVs with a lot of horsepower are a guarantee of spending a lot of money in a short time, not only on refueling, but also in terms of depreciation. However, overall it is noticeably lower than with the mentioned electric money burners:

    • The electric four-door coupe. AMG GT It is currently offered at average prices of about 118,000 euros, about 13,000 euros less than in March 2023.
    • Secondly there is the Range Rover. But you still have to invest about 72,000 euros for a used “Range”.
    • Follow ranks 3 to 5 Audi Q8 , Audi S6 and – an outsider on the list dominated by SUVs and sports sedans – the Ford Transit.

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