He has moderated the ProSieben format “Schlag den Star” since 2016, but now Elton has to vacate his position. It was announced on Wednesday (April 10) that the broadcaster and its former presenter are now going their separate ways. FOCUS online reported. “Let me be clear: I am not voluntarily giving up this great show,” Elton raged in a statement on Instagram later that day.

That's how much money Elton earned from “Beat the Star” alone

Elton's disappointment at the sudden end of the show is understandable, as according to the “Bild” newspaper, the entertainer collected around 35,000 euros per show from “Schlag den Star” alone. The 53-year-old ran the successful format nine to 10 times a year and apparently earned an impressive €350,000 a year.

The reason for the surprising expulsion of the former Raab trainee is said to be the cooperation with Pro7's competitor RTL, as Elton himself confirmed in his statement. “It seems too much for ProSieben that I work for RTL. All of a sudden! 'Beat the best' and also 'Disgrace or collect' were only offered to ProSieben. After being told that they had no money and no broadcasting space, RTL struck,” it says .

The release clause reportedly made Elton's deportation possible

According to Bild newspaper, the fact that Elton was fired overnight after eight years of successful collaboration is allegedly due to the details of the contract. As the paper reports, the Berlin native did not have an exclusive contract with Pro7, which gave the broadcaster the option to fire him after each edition of “Schlag den Star”.

Comedian Oliver Pocher was not surprised by his co-host's ouster. In his podcast “The Pochers! Freshly recycled,” he even described Elton as an “offended liver sausage” and even claimed to know about his departure from the show. “It was probably clear a few weeks ago that Elton would no longer be hosting 'Schlag den Star,'” Pocher explained.

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