Well, who is it? The driver discovered a kangaroo on the road, which had escaped in the meantime
Image: dpa

A woman sees a kangaroo roaming freely on the street – and takes a photo so people will believe her. Now the runaway is back with his owner.

DThe kangaroo that ran away in Northern Saariland on Monday is back with its owner after a long search. In Wadern, the owner lured the animal and then captured it, police said Tuesday.

The 40-year-old driver spotted it on the street in front of his car on Monday morning, police said Monday. As she assumed that no one would believe her observation, she took a photo of the animal with her mobile phone.

According to officials, the unusual report may be confirmed without a doubt. It is obviously a very young animal. Initially the search was unsuccessful, the police asked for information about further sightings. The owner was also initially unknown to the police.

As reported by SR, he reported to the police on Tuesday evening. The animal was caught after it reappeared near his property.