Now Sandy Meyer-Wölden opens her eyes to her ex-husband Oliver Pocher. In a joint podcast, he explains to her why his relationship with Amira went wrong.

Probably no celebrity breakup caused such a stir in Germany last year: Oliver (45) and Amira Pocher (31) announced their separation in August.

Since then, the comedian has been officially single. In the meantime, there was a little tiff with former jungle camper Cora Schumacher (47), but that's in the past.

Sandy Meyer-Wölden: “So you're actually a red flag”

The comedian's love life was once again the subject of a new episode of Podimo's podcast “The Pochers – Freshly Recycled!”, which he hosts with his ex-husband Sandy Meyer-Wölden (40).

How did this happen? Sandy Meyer-Wölden had previously listened to the latest episode of the podcast “Liebesleben” by Amira Pocher and her brother Hima.

Here's what Amira had to say about her relationship with Oliver Pocher: “I ignored the crucial things that are really important to me in my relationship with my partner. They weren't there from the start and I ignored it and focused on two or three other things.

Sandy Meyer-Wölden explains that she understands this statement as follows: “He said that he did not listen to his red flags. So, in fact, you are a red flag,” he explains to Oliver Pocher.

Oliver asks in disbelief, “Why?”

The term “red flags” refers to warning signals in dating that indicate that the other person is acting toxic or simply not capable of sustaining the relationship.

Oliver Pocher initially reacts questioningly: “Me, red flag – why?” Sandy tries to make it clear to him exactly what he means by that: “Well, children, failed marriage and so on. This is already a red flag.”

Sandy Meyer-Wölden: “Actually, we should have known better from the beginning”

The TV star is not at all happy about this – and says back: «So she was just stupid that she had a loyal, loving husband who gave her two wonderful children. Made him a multi-millionaire. Then when you're rich, you just say, “Oh, that's not enough for me anymore, I need to be positively received!” Is that a better point?”

Sandy Meyer-Wölden doesn't want to leave it at that. “So I understand what he's saying.” In fact, it's often the case that you notice red flags in a person relatively quickly and then just ignore them. It's only years later that you realize you should have known better all along. “But haven't you ever noticed things?”

“What should I say about the red flags?” replies Oliver Pocher – before suddenly mentioning the big problem he's having when looking for love: “It's relatively hard for me to get to know anyone anyway.”

What exactly does he mean by that? “What should I take? Someone who is deaf and dumb and ideally not from Germany and has never heard what I do, how I do it, where I do it. Someone who won't answer his cell phone and say, 'I'm just googling this and see if I can find anything about him on the internet or something?''

Two failed marriages and five children

The comedian sees himself in a “special position” in this regard – after which Sandy Meyer-Wölden intervenes again: “It's actually a privileged position.” (…) Many things no longer need to be explained. Those who show interest and want to get to know you actually already know everything. They know what makes you tick and what you are like.”

“It's just a difficult situation. It's always been like this,” says Oliver Pocher, whose problem is not a lack of demand. And after two failed marriages and a total of five children, the situation became even more difficult and difficult for him. Then Sandy Meyer-Wölden can no longer objections.

Author: Thimon Abele (tab)