Formula 1’s first Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place this weekend, but things haven’t gone very well in the run-up to the opening race.

Before Saturday’s competition, the cars took to the track for their first practice session on Thursday. However, the practice session was short-lived as it was forced to conclude less than 10 minutes after starting due to a manhole cover that hit Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz’s car.

In a statement issued after the cancellation of Saturday’s practice session, the FIA ​​determined that the incident was due to the failure of a concrete frame around a manhole cover, according to Chris Medland of CORRIDOR.

The FIA ​​said it would need to carry out a review of the other manhole covers around the track before proceeding, which “will take some time”.

Sainz’s car could be seen hitting what appeared to be a small pothole while doing a practice lap, causing the Ferrari to return to the garage and officials to wave the red flag in the practice session.

Sainz was not the only driver who had problems with the manhole covers. Esteban Ocon, of Alpine, suffered damage to the chassis of his car in a similar incident, according to Medlandia.

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