TOWhen Frank Schmidt was still a little dreamer, that is to say a child, he once slept in Bayern bedding. The coach of the newly promoted 1. FC Heidenheim of the Bundesliga is now seen as a particularly rested football teacher who fears no one: not even his former favorite club, which these days he seems to be more afraid of. of himself than of his opponents.

That's why Saturday afternoon's duel between the newcomer and the former class leader was at least not considered hopeless for the brave Ostalb team. Before the duel against the league runners-up, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Schmidt, as always, had given the motto “full speed ahead”, as there is never a question of dividing his forces.

His Munich colleague Thomas Tuchel, who started the new week “extremely unhappy” with himself and “with the way we unfortunately played in the 2-0 defeat against Dortmund”, has looked much more vulnerable of late. Without five professionals injured or ill – Neuer, Sané, Coman, Mazraoui and Pavlovic – the Munich team began its league debut in Heidenheim three days before the innovative first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals against Arsenal FC.

“We give everything away”

An adventure trip? You could say that. Bayern's presumed victory, which seemed certain at half-time and was not threatened by Heidenheim, with a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Harry Kane (38th minute) and Serge Gnabry (45th), turned into a defeat by 2-3 after goals by Kevin Sessa (50th) and Tim Kleindienst (52nd/79th).

Like last week in Stuttgart, the Swabians, unstoppable after the change, turned the game around. But the Munich team took advantage of their advantage against the newcomers, who were passive for 45 minutes, as if they were already the winners of the match. When Heidenheim went on the attack, everything Bayern had until then in terms of control of the game disappeared.

“In the first half we gave up everything we had built,” complained Tuchel, who had long failed at FC Bayern but had not (yet) been fired, after the next disaster for his luxury team. But that also required thunderous weather in the Heidenheim cabin. “I didn't agree with our play in the first half,” said Schmidt, who in the end seemed happy, “and neither did my players.”

Then Tim Kleindienst couldn't stop his goal to make it 2-2 against Bayern.

Then Tim Kleindienst couldn't stop his goal to make it 2-2 against Bayern.

Image: dpa

There was a notable change in the second half, when Patrick Alt, who was the fourth official until half-time, had to replace Hannover referee Schröder, who had to be absent due to circulatory problems in the hot summer weather. After the discouragement of his players in the first half, Frank Schmidt also opted for a broader exchange program and more courage to attack.

Starting in the 46th minute, Busch, Sessa and Pieringer replaced Föhrenbach, Schöppner and Beck. To do this, the coach opted for an offensively oriented diamond in the center of the field and two points. “It cannot be our goal to play so passively against Bayern Munich at home,” he said after the victory thanks to an unstoppable second half.

typical Heidenheim

And lo and behold: Substitute striker Stefan Schimmer immediately took advantage of Heidenheimer's first chance when, after a shot by goalkeeper Kevin Müller and a stray header by central defender Kim, he had a clear path and pushed the ball past goalkeeper Ulreich. 1-2.

As if that weren't enough, top scorer Tim Kleindienst followed up with a well-placed shot to make it 2-2 two minutes later, with Bayern's defense still in rest mode. His tenth goal of the season. Typical of Heidenheim, whose actors are known for grabbing their entire hand when you show them your little finger.

The effective strikes left their mark even on the otherwise cold-blooded Kane, who, free in front of Müller, missed with a shot that went past the Heidenheim goalkeeper (56th). Subsequently, substitute Tel (68th), Müller (68th) and again Kane (74th) did not take advantage of their opportunities.

Now the annoying newcomer to the class developed his passion immediately. A dramatic change that the Bavarians, visibly irritated, could no longer tolerate. Not even angry coach Thomas Tuchel, who was added to the list of cautioned players after an hour.

His collapsed team no longer had the strength or courage to challenge the promoted team, which regularly scores points against the best teams in the league. 2-2 and 0-0 against Dortmund, 2-0 and 3-3 against Stuttgart and now 3-2 against Bayern: this scare between the favorites is a great enrichment for the Bundesliga.