Comments on Bayern's match against Arsenal

Harry Kane: “Today we show a different face than in recent weeks. I'm not completely satisfied because we didn't win. (…) We created a good starting position for the second leg, although it was only a small step. My dream is still to reach the Wembley final.

Matías Sammer: “Today we must praise our German coach, who has taken such a beating. Tuchel has achieved a tactical masterpiece. We can always praise other coaches from other countries. We should also praise him. It was probably the best performance of the season. That was a world-class game, my heart laughed.”

Thomas Tuchel: “We could have won, we still had a great chance with Coman. We had a very good opponent and good fans, but a below-average referee. All the little things went in one direction. We should have received a clear penalty on the hand. The referee then tells our players that it was a “child's mistake.” This is a completely new way of interpreting the rules. (…) We need the same dedication and passion in the second leg that we needed today, then we will move on.”


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