The FDP is undermining the government's credibility at home and abroad. And that's purely out of self-interest: you're likely to miscalculate.

Marco Buschmann, Federal Minister of Justice, and Christian Lindner, Federal Minister of Finance, talk.

The FDP blocks everything it can: Christian Lindner and Marco Buschmann Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

The FDP intensifies its policy of massive rejection in the federal government and extends it to the European level. Whether it is the EU supply chain law, the introduction of environmentally friendly drive systems for trucks and buses or the end of combustion cars in Europe: liberals always try with all their might to stop the conversion climate-friendly, and often successful. In doing so, they are preventing what the traffic lights promised in the coalition agreement: progressive politics.

Delaying the restructuring of the economy and society instead of advancing it causes enormous damage. This course means that major modernizations are missing and the future of entire industries in this country is in doubt. This scares citizens and fear often leads to the right.

The FDP in the federal government is doing exactly what conservatives and economic liberals often accuse the Greens and the left of: it is chaotic, unreliable, disloyal to its own coalition partners and undermines the government's credibility at home and abroad. abroad. And this is done out of pure self-interest, under the mistaken assumption that this will raise the profile and win favor with voters. The FDP top brass around Christian Lindner and Marco Buschmann are not impressed that this strategy does not work. They just keep going. Free democrats have become free weavers.

Former Liberal voters have long recognized this lack of preparedness to govern. According to polls, the FDP is not currently in the Bundestag, much less in the government. It is surprising that, in view of this enormous danger, there is no rebellion among the honorable members who are still active in the party. It is time for them to defend themselves against the bad policies of their leaders. With the upcoming expulsion from the Bundestag, the FDP threatens to go down in history.

Successes are no longer noticeable

The SPD and the Greens lack the strength to stop the liberals. And at the same time, it is the activities of the FDP that are weakening them both. Because the current successes of the traffic light, from the expansion of renewable energy to the current restructuring of the sector and the increase in the child subsidy for the 49 euro bill, are almost no longer noticeable due to the constant crossfire. Lindner and his party friends challenge their coalition partners again and again because they believe they are at their mercy for lack of alternatives.

Unfortunately, many Greens and Social Democrats also feel this way. But the argument they like to make that the conceivable alternatives to governing with the FDP are not better is becoming less convincing every day.