DThe federal government recently distributed a communication on the new citizenship law written in Arabic on social networks, which is now being heavily criticized by Union politicians. On March 28, the Regional German Center of the Foreign Office in Cairo published an image on the X platform that advertised the new law.

The picture read in Arabic: “Many have waited a long time for this. Finally the time has come. Starting on June 26th, the new nationality law will come into force.” A German passport is shown behind it. In the accompanying text, with reference to the Federal Government's Commissioner for Integration, Reem Alabali-Radovan (SPD), it was said that Germany “finally has a modern citizenship law”.

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt commented on this in the Bild newspaper this week. “The traffic light citizenship law is another pull factor for illegal immigration,” he said. “The traffic light’s active promotion of dual citizenship in the Arab world will further encourage illegal immigration to Germany.”

The Baden-Württemberg CDU state chairman Manuel Hagel also commented on this in the paper. “You can’t actively invite everyone who wants to become German to Germany,” said Hagel. The passport must be the end of a successful integration and should not be a means “to lure foreigners to Germany with vague promises.” Hagel called on Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) to correct this “immediately”.

As the Bild newspaper reports, the Foreign Office explained in response to the announcement on This also included information on the current legal situation, such as nationality law. Regional German centers generally provide information in the regional language. “With their information offerings, they contribute to a realistic picture of Germany, as does the Regional Germany Center in Cairo,” the paper continues, quoting the Foreign Office.