Therefore, it is a hearing within the framework of an interrogation. No decision has been made yet. The Handelsblatt newspaper was the first to report this, citing government circles.

Russian state-owned company Rosneft owns the majority of Brandenburg's PCK refinery in Schwedt. The shares of around 54 percent are currently under federal state control, in so-called trusteeship. The goal was to keep the plant, which had been running on Russian oil for decades and was very important to the northeast, in operation after the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the EU oil embargo. The trust administration currently expires on March 10, but could be extended.

Russian state-owned company Rosneft has a majority stake in the Brandenburg refinery in Schwedt.

According to information from dpa, the main objective of the federal government remains to ensure security of supply and to reliably and long-term guarantee the commercial operations of Rosneft Germany. Regarding the expiration of the trust administration, it was said that without further government measures, Rosneft Germany was in danger of not being able to fulfill its supply mandate.

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