Do you have to fear for your domain? Ferrari has caught up to Red Bull and world champion Max Verstappen.
Image: EPA

Ferrari took advantage of the winter to decipher the secret of the almost overwhelming competitor Red Bull. It became clear: the secret is not just a superior car.

dThat Ferrari feeling is different from last year. At every turn, the viewer gets the impression that this team knows what they are doing. Ferrari continues with what has already been announced in the second half of the 2023 season. They were not empty words when the engineers and drivers admitted, after an experiment in Zandvoort, that a light had come to them. The product that was created over the winter represents this understanding.

The Ferrari SF-24 can do everything its predecessor couldn't. It is aerodynamically stable, predictable and cuts a good figure in both fast and slow corners. Certain track layouts or the poor condition of the asphalt, a strong gust of wind or high temperatures no longer divert the red cars from the track. This has a positive effect on tire wear during the race. “We are the team that has improved the most compared to last year,” he says. Carlos Leclerc ahead of the first three Grands Prix of the year and the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday (07:00 CEST in FAZ live ticker for Formula 1 and in Sky) in Suzuka.