Did anyone who voted for John Letterman really expect and/or want him to wear a suit every day in the Senate? Dude seems exceptionally happy now he’s dressing like him again – in cargo shorts and a hoodie – and that’s also how he dressed on the campaign trail. He gives people what they voted for, and he shows up and does the job, rather than climb the stairs of the Capitol while missing an important vote.

Speaking of Lauren Boebert, she already had called Fetterman an “inappropriate” congressional hoodie, which probably gave him real pleasure in posting a excellent answer to a comparison of his clothes with her Beetle juice scandal. Fetterman too pushed back to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bashing of his clothes, and now it seems Meatball Ron DeSantis wants a piece of the action.

During the election campaign, DeSantis actually went there to complain about DeSantis’ “sweatshirts, hoodies and shorts,” which he compared to “mind-numbing.”

And Fetterman had his finger ready on the Twitter button: “I dress like he’s campaigning.” »

It’s funny and a fitting comeback, even if it’s not entirely accurate. While Fetterman looks very comfortable in his choice of clothing, DeSantis never looks comfortable doing anything. He can’t even look natural then eat pizza, so there’s probably no hope of him abandoning these robotic methods. While Fetterman has No need to “raw vegetables” or fancy clothing. Welcome back anyway.