State of New Mexico Quarterback Diego Pavia is six feet tall. He weighs a slight 200 pounds. And, most importantly, he is a attacking player, and entered Saturday’s contest against Chestnut without a tackle to his name.

However, Pavia is also something else: an accomplished former wrestler for Albuquerque’s Volcano Vista High School.

On Saturday, he showed off his wrestling skills with a vicious hit on the Tigers’ cornerback. Nehemiah Pritchett. Pritchett had intercepted Pavia on a play destined to be called back by an offsides penalty, only to run into the quarterback at midfield with disastrous results.

The hit caused an unnecessary 15-yard roughing foul and sparked a brief skirmish between the two teams.

The Aggies are in the midst of one of the best football seasons in their history and followed it up with an impressive 31-10 win at Auburn on Saturday.

New Mexico State now sits at 9-3 after Saturday’s win, marking its highest winning percentage since going 7-2-1 in 1967. Pavia has been a big part of that , throwing 22 touchdowns against six interceptions.

With those numbers, it’s not hard to see why New Mexico State brought Auburn swagger, something that might have been impossible in the recent past.

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