Since the news of the departure of eight of the members of the Pac-12 during the summer, the fate of Oregon State and Washington State It has been a hot topic in college athletics.

However, a new report indicates that beavers and mountain lions are taking steps to resolve an uncertain future.

According to a Thursday morning report by Ross Dellenger Yahoo! SportsOregon State and Washington State are in negotiations to create a football programming alliance with the Mountain West, a deal that could potentially pave the way for a merger in the future.

Washington State and Oregon State will be the two remaining members of the Pac-12 and are reportedly in talks with the Mountain West about a scheduling agreement for the future.

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Under a potential deal, Mountain West teams would play seven conference games in 2024 and 2025, plus at least one game against the Beavers or Cougars. The two Pac-12 schools would nominally serve as independents, ineligible for Mountain West honors.

According to Dellenger, the agreement would require a long-term commitment to the Mountain West from Oregon State and Washington State and language preventing the two schools from poaching “only a portion of [Mountain West] schools” in the future.

The Beavers and Cougars, whose schools currently control Pac-12 assets after a court Tuesday mandate—are a combined 12-8 in football this season.

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