EOne day after a fire in an Istanbul club that killed 29 people, the investigation continues. Nine people have been arrested so far, including the club's operator and those responsible for the renovation, state news agency Anadolu reported on Wednesday.

A fire broke out in the premises of an Istanbul night club at lunchtime on Tuesday. According to the provincial administration, the fire started during the construction work of the building.

Meanwhile, the Besiktas district administration announced that the renovation took place without a permit, as reported by “Sözcü” newspaper.

The club is located in the basement of a high-rise building in the Besiktas district of Istanbul. Broadcaster TRT announced the names of the dead. Most of the bodies have already been handed over to the families. Why they were unable to save themselves from the fire is the subject of an investigation.

The Hurriyet newspaper quoted the building's manager as saying the fire was likely caused by the explosion of an oxygen cylinder near an exit. The people inside were probably suffocated. Residents of the building had complained about the club in the basement for a long time, he told the newspaper.

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