Following the instructions of the national coach, Joshua Kimmich will have to accept the right-back position for the local Euro Cup in the summer. But that does not at all mean that Julian Nagelsmann sees the 83-time national footballer, who always says that midfield is his favorite place to play, as a secondary figure for the local summer tournament. No, the 29-year-old Bayern professional remains a top player in the DFB even after his move to the right wing.

Nagelsmann justified this before Tuesday's European Championship test (8:45 p.m./RTL) against them. Netherlands In addition to Kimmich's sporting qualities, also his mentality. “Josh is a very important player for us because he embodies a lot of what is sometimes missing in the new generation of professionals: this absolute desire to win in every situation. He sometimes irritates some people with this kind of behavior, but he is very valuable and contagious to everyone. “He throws everything.”

Nagelsmann cited Kimmich's celebratory pose after the 2-0 victory against France last Saturday in Lyon. “If you want to see a photo, she looks at the final whistle again and sees Josh standing there on the field screaming very loudly with both arms extended forward. Just by looking at this picture you wouldn't think that this is just a test match. That's exactly who he is. It is very real and does not pretend.”

Nor is it that Kimmich rejects the right-back position in which he was among the first eleven at the 2016 European Championship. “I think it bothers him a little that people always say that he doesn't want to play in that position. In general he is extremely open. What matters to him is that he plays. And that he can help the team. That’s what he does,” Nagelsmann said.

As against France, the national coach wants to see Kimmich perform against Holland and then in the European Championship. “He played very well against France, offensively and defensively. Of course, he lacked speed against Kylian Mbappé, but he solved it very well, very intelligently. He defended himself with full vigilance in the room,” said Nagelsmann in Frankfurt.