“A 59-year-old man with a 28-year-old wife” – this can fail in the eyes of Thomas Gottschalk. The long-standing “Wetten, dass ..?” the presenter explained why using the example of Johannes B. Kerner. Gottschalk also had some clear words about the keyword “diversity” in his podcast.

Thomas Gottschalk has worked in German television entertainment for almost 50 years – but he seems to know less and less about its rules. In the current episode of their podcast “Die Supernasen”, Gottschalk and colleague Mike Krüger tackle the genre of reality shows.

“We tend to get nice and mellow as soon as the camera is on, but those days are over,” Gottschalk admitted. “A nice person isn't going to get you very far today. You basically have to want to hit it and be able to hit it.”

However, he has heard that his age group is also becoming more interesting for reality producers. After all, RTL is currently looking for participants for the new branch of the dating show “The Golden Bachelor”. Men and women aged 60 and over can apply.

Gottschalk has no doubt that enough people will come on the show to “voluntarily promote Botox and fillers” on the show. Because of course they would all be “leaner” than 60-year-olds usually are in real life.

“And when you're 70 years old standing in front of a high school . . .”

So far so harmless. When Mike Krüger commented that the trend in show business is not for mature men to be the same age, but rather for “significantly younger men,” it got personal. Krüger hinted at showbiz colleague Johannes B. Kerner, who, according to media reports, recently remarried.

Thomas Gottschalk, whose new life partner Karina Mroß is twelve years younger than him, probably sees Kerner's love luck as gloomy.

“I really like Johannes, but I'm afraid he will fail with this concept,” said “Wetten, dass ..?” star. “A 59-year-old man with a 28-year-old wife – the clock of life is rightfully ticking for young women who naturally want a family,” the 73-year-old is sure.

Gottschalk: “And when you're 70 years old and you're standing in front of a high school and you're taking your son to the entrance exam, it's pretty scary. You will be greeted as a grandfather.”

Both podcasters did not provide any further information about the actual family planning of the young Kerner's marriage. They preferred to delve back into their TV criticism. After all, they both learned to “still chatter; for us, it was still part of our job description.”

Gottschalk criticizes “deliberate diversity that does not govern”

Among others, Heidi Klum's GNTM young models became part of the mockery of the reviled skilled workers. “They become famous because, like the queen of the jungle, they achieve a certain popularity among a certain target group and then they can collect 5,000 euros per disco performance,” said Gottschalk. “But of course they're not what you expect, namely catwalk beauties.”

In general, she always asks herself, where is the emancipation “if there are still so many women applying for forms that are absolutely not female-friendly”. At the end of the day, there will always be a “woman who fits the grid” on shows like this.

However, everyone who points to the development opportunities of women was left aside. Gottschalk criticized “the desired form of diversity that, unfortunately, ultimately does not prevail.” In the end, the “classic image of a woman” always finds confirmation and is “something we've had long enough.”

Gottschalk apologized at the end of the podcast episode for not wanting to “go down in history as a complainer.” But with his life experience, he sees things differently.