We meet former businesswoman Julia Davies. The British woman loves nature and wants to protect the climate. She is one of 200 billionaires who say extreme wealth is harmful to society. In open letters she asks her governments: “Tax us, the rich, now!” Julia Davies says: “Everyone is better off when everyone is better off.”

The rich demand: Tax us!

3sat sat down with other rich people for the documentary “Excessive Wealth: Millionaires Demand Rich Taxes.” This article is not really enlightening, because the theses of the rich are repeated: “We trust in taxes” is one of them. Phil White also wants something to change. “We want to reduce inequality.” He cites surveys showing that most wealthy people would like to pay more taxes.

This also applies to the Austrian Marlene Engelhorn. The heiress to a sum of two million dollars acquired her money through her family's pharmaceutical company. She thinks it is wrong to receive so much money like this. After all, she conclusively explains how wealth increases. If people do not work for companies, do not live and do not consume, the benefits for millionaires or billionaires would not grow. A cycle that Engelhorn considers wrong. “Without the work of many people, wealth cannot be created.” She also fights for this with her supporters: “Tax us before it's too late!”

“I found that giving away my assets was a liberation.”

Djaffar Shalchi, a Dane of Iranian origin, earns ten percent of his assets every year. “How much is one to two percent taxes?” That doesn't hurt anyone who's rich, he says. He wants higher taxes, with the goal: “We could be heroes.” Sebastian Klein has already shown more heroism. He made 200 million euros selling an application. “It was a burden for me to have so much money.”

That's why Sebastian Klein is now a former millionaire. He has transferred 90 percent of his assets to a non-profit company. The goal is to finance social projects and support smaller media companies. He says, “I didn't want to be part of the problem, but part of the solution.” Which doesn't make sense to him: “In Germany, work is heavily taxed, assets or inheritances pay no or only slightly tax.” Why don't politicians change anything? “The rich have a strong lobby.” He He experienced it himself. Was losing your wealth right? “It was a liberation for me to give away my assets,” says Klein. In the end, the filmmaker comes to the conclusion: “The solution could be that simple.” A very unnecessary final sentence .

“Excess wealth: millionaires demand taxes from the rich” was broadcast on April 11 at 11:47 p.m. on 3sat. The documentary is available in the 3sat media library .