After initially ignoring the Lauren Boebert groping scandal which went viral this weekend, Fox News finally responded to reports that the Colorado congresswoman had been started from a Beetle juice production for inappropriate behavior.

John Roberts first addressed the Boebert fiasco by replacing Bret Baier. Things went off the rails when, predictably, Laura Ingraham entered the fray. After being criticized by Raymond Arroyo who noted that “many other politicians have been caught in similar situations” – which seems far-fetched as more details emerge – Ingraham directly stated that the now-infamous groping video was only released because Boebert is a Republican.

Via Medit:

“Raymond, it seems like they release the video very quickly when it’s a Republican, don’t they? There is no hesitation in posting or broadcasting a video when it involves a Republican who has done something stupid, stupid, or embarrassing, but God forbid a Democrat does something , it usually takes forever to get that video out,” Ingraham responded, defending her. side.

However, Arroyo surprisingly pushed the ball even further by equating Boebert’s behavior to extremely popular behavior. recording artistwho was just minding his own business.

“Look, I’m an equal opportunity reporter here in this area,” Arroyo said. “If we’re going to say you need a dress code and I think you do, you also need a code of conduct. You’re the congresswoman from Colorado, not Megan Thee Stallion. So, slow down your roll. Show restraint. I think the re-election period is going to be very difficult for her.”

(Via Medit)