An Air New Zealand Boeing 787 encountered clear air turbulence shortly after taking off from Bali. A German passenger was seriously injured.

They have lived in Bali for 13 years. The German emigre couple, whose names in New Zealand media are Niko and Sasha, were planning a three-and-a-half-week holiday in New Zealand.

On Tuesday they boarded an Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 that was supposed to take them from Denpasar to Auckland.

But flight NZ65 turned out differently than the German couple expected. Just 30 minutes after takeoff from Denpasar, when the seat belt signs had already been turned off, the Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 encountered severe turbulence.

Niko, 47, had just returned from the bathroom. As the New Zealand Herald reports, he broke his tibia and fibula.


He could only relieve the pain with paracetamol, as there was no stronger painkiller on board. The flight lasted about six and a half hours after the incident.

Air New Zealand confirms the incident. The Boeing 787 suffered so-called clear air turbulence. They cannot be predicted from the cockpit.

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