METERWith a long, weak performance and a happy victory over Austria, German footballers began qualifying for the Euro 2025. The national team of the interim national coach Horst Hrubesch He could only convince at times after the break in the 3-2 victory in Linz on Friday evening. “We have to play better, that's not clear,” the 72-year-old coach told ARD after the final whistle.

Eileen Campbell of SC Freiburg gave the hosts a 2-0 lead with her two goals (9th and 16th minutes). Munich's Klara Bühl also scored two goals (39th/49th) for the DFB before becoming captain. Julia Gwinn He converted a controversial penalty to make it 3-2 (63'). The relief after the final whistle was “extreme,” Bühl said. “Today we made things really difficult for ourselves. The first 30 minutes were really nothing.”

Austria more determined

Led for the first time Julia Gwinn of FC Bayern representing Alexandra Popp took the national team onto the pitch. In addition to the usual captain, defense boss Marina Hegering (both from VfL Wolfsburg) was also absent due to injuries. Munich's Lea Schüller replaced Popp as forward, while Frankfurt's Sara Doorsoun defended Hegering in the back four.

On the Austrian team is coach Irene Fuhrmann, who has Sarah Zadrazil and Katharina Naschenweng from FC Bayern had to be dispensed with, all the players in the starting eleven had already played in the German Bundesliga or are currently playing there. In the home opener against their neighbors, the 17th in the FIFA world ranking started with determination and took advantage of the first opportunity: Campbell beat Doorsoun and Kathrin Hendrich and left goalkeeper Merle Frohms no chance. After a free kick from Frankfurt's Barbara Dunst, Campbell even headed in to make it 2-0.

The DFB women were far behind the strong Austrians. No trace of self-confidence. Sydney Lohmann and the most recently praised Sjoeke Nusken of Chelsea FC barely managed to put the game together. After a poor pass from Hendrich in his own area, Campbell had the empty net in front of him, but he slipped.

With anger in his stomach and after an energetic conquest of the ball, Bühl scored the goal with a precise shot. Hrubesch added an offensive player after the break Laura Freigang – and Bibiane Schulze Solano from Athletic Bilbao.

The 25-year-old dual national was even nominated for Spain's eventual world champions' squad in early 2023, but was not used. With her debut, the defensive specialist has established herself in Germany.

Bühl again received a pass from Nüsken and quickly equalized after the restart. Frankfurt's Freigang took a penalty against goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger, which Gwinn, who recently spoke about the art of the perfect penalty kick in an interview with FAZ, as always, safely transformed into the protagonist. A video referee was not used in the game and the penalty decision was controversial. Shortly after, the right back almost scored an own goal. Freigang missed the 4:2.