Germany is to authorize Poland to deliver “Leopard 2” armored tanks to Ukraine. The case has been a hot topic, especially given the relative stalemate of Western allies in supplying Kiev with war material.

Berlin has been one of the most hesitant on this issue, fearing that the war equipment sent could result in an escalation of the conflict.

How important is the decision to supply war material to Ukraine?

The use of this war material is considered essential by Ukraine and by military experts to stop the renewed Russian offensive in Ukrainian territory. It is a violent action, with the latest news that Russia is catching up.

Only the use of this material can guarantee Kiev an adequate response. Is position defended by Boris Johnson, for example. On a visit to Ukraine, the former British prime minister stressed that it was “the moment to join efforts and give Ukrainians all the tools they need” to win the war.

Why does Germany show reservations about accepting the shipment of tanks?

The Germans are afraid of escalating tensions and admit that, from then on, Russia could escalate the threat and degenerate into a broader war. Berlin admits that Moscow may understand that the supply of “Leopard 2” tanks translates into a more serious involvement of NATO in the conflict.

The one who has pressed the most for the transfer of tanks is, precisely, Poland, which wants to send this type of armored vehicles to Ukraine. As we know, Poland is a NATO country. If Russia attacks, for example, Poland, the entire Atlantic Alliance will be involved in the conflict.

And why does Germany, above all, have to give this permission?

In addition to being a member of NATO, the “Leopard 2” tanks are of German manufacture. However, the decision must go through an agreement between the countries of the Atlantic Alliance. What is certain is that at a meeting last Friday at the US military base in Ramstein, Germany, Ukraine’s western allies have postponed any decision about the subject, infuriating Kiev, which criticized “indecision”.

“Each day of delay is the death of more Ukrainians,” warned Zelensky’s aide.

However, there seems to be greater openness to guarantee this military support. What’s new?

Everything points to Germany authorizing Poland to cede tanks to Ukraine. The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock, admitted that.

Interviewed in Paris, the minister confirmed that “if you ask [autorização] to Germany, the Berlin government will not oppose”. However, he recalls that, “for the time being, the request has not been made” by Poland, which has to do it officially.

And what is the position of Portugal?

Portugal is available to accept the shipment of “Leopard 2” tanks, but awaits the decision of Berlin. However, the issue will be debated this Monday in Brussels, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho, will be.

This meeting could result in a final decision on military support to be provided to Ukraine.

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