Mobile tariff offers – get the best Klarmobil offers now – promotion with no connection charge!

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 7:22 p.m.

In our connected world, an affordable, high-performance cell phone plan is essential. The current special offers from Klarmobil meet exactly these requirements and offer you a wide range of options. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive flat rate, want a generous LTE data volume or want to take advantage of fast 5G speeds, you will find the ideal offer at Klarmobil. The best: Klarmobil will discount the connection price, but only until February 29, 2024!

the one who has one
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LTE flat rate all net 12GB at a special price of only 9.99 euros per month
Benefit from the
Klarmobil Allnet Flat with 12 GB LTE at a special price of 9.99 euros per month, instead of the usual 19.99 euros. Of course, porting your phone number is free. This offer is available to you with a contract period of 24 months.

Pure flexibility with 12 GB LTE for 14.99 euros per month – cancelable monthly
If you don't want to make a long-term commitment, that's it.
Rate with 12 GB LTE for 14.99 euros per month, cancelable monthly, perfect for you. There are no connection charges here either and carrying your current phone number is free.

Upgrade to 22 GB LTE for only 14.99 euros per month
Increase your data volume with the
22 GB LTE all-net flat rate for only 14.99 euros per month (instead of 24.99 euros) and surf with up to 50 Mbit/s. This offer is valid for a period of 24 months.

Enjoy 22 GB LTE for 19.99 euros per month – with monthly cancellation option
the flexible ones
Long-term no-obligation offer offers you 22 GB LTE for only 19.99 euros per month. Enjoy the freedom of making new decisions every month.

Experience the future with 40 GB 5G for only 24.99 euros per month
Immerse yourself in the world of 5G Internet with the
Klarmobil 40GB 5G all-net flat rate for only 24.99 euros per month (instead of 49.99 euros), and benefit from speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s. This offer is valid for a contract term of 24 months.

Stay flexible with 40 GB 5G for 29.99 euros per month
This can be paid monthly.
Tarifa gives you access to 40 GB of the 5G network for only 29.99 euros per month, ideal for all those who value flexibility without having to give up fast Internet.

Your advantages:

  • No connection fee: Klarmobil covers the one-time payment for you.
  • Free number portability: Switch at no additional cost and keep your trusted number.
  • Choice: Choose between contracts with a 24-month term or the monthly cancellation option.
  • fast internet: Always enjoy the fastest possible connection on the go thanks to LTE and 5G.

Switch now and enjoy exclusive offers

Don't miss these unique rate offers. Whether you are looking for a stable long-term contract or prefer a flexible rate, in
At Klarmobil you will find the perfect package. Don't wait too long: these special promotions are just until February 29, 2024 valid. Switch now and get secure mobile internet at a low price!