Ikea: Get your photovoltaic system quickly and easily: delivery time of only 6 weeks

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024, 00:00

IKEA and Svea Solar have developed a photovoltaic offer that adapts to your home, your roof and your energy needs. With the SOLSTRÅLE photovoltaic system you will not only produce sustainable electricity for your home, but you will also ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for future generations. Here you have all the information about the offer.

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The energy transition is unstoppable and with it the need to sustainable energy sources develop. He Sun will play a key role in the transition to renewable energy. IKEA and Svea Solar have been partners in several European countries, including Germany, since 2020 to enable more people to use renewable energy. Svea Solar offers a comprehensive system of solar modules, energy storage and charging stations for electric cars.

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SOLSTRÅLE photovoltaic system from Svea Solar, which already has
If you can shop at IKEA, you can generate and use renewable energy yourself. This way you receive less electricity from the public grid, which reduces your electricity costs and reduces your CO₂ consumption. Depending on the complexity of the system, you can do this from €8,799 Contribute to a better environment by reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

The offer includes both. Complete hardware, planning and installation on site.. Attach.

Photovoltaic installation from only 7,399 euros, including one of the fastest delivery times in Germany

IKEA wants to give access to solar energy to as many people as possible. Already from €7,399 You can become your own energy generator with the IKEA SOLSTRÅLE offer. Is that how it works:

Advice and offer: Fill out a short form with your contact details and receive a call from the solar energy experts at Svea Solar. After a personal consultation, you will receive an initial offer by email containing information about the System size, performance, price and profitability contains.

Appointment on site: If you like the first offer, make a free on-site appointment with the solar energy experts at Svea Solar. They will come to your home to clarify the last technical details, such as the cable route or the exact location of the inverter. With the help of drone images of your roof, the system planning is finally re-checked. From this data you will receive a Binding offer.

Professional installation: When you confirm the order, you Installation in 6 weeks by qualified Svea Solar professionals in accordance with the necessary safety and quality standards Installed. Grid registration is also done by solar energy experts. After commissioning you will receive one brief introduction to function and controls your system. If you have any questions, Svea Solar customer service is available to help you at any time.

You generate your own electricity: Your home will now run on sustainable solar energy and you will be able to save money.

Your benefits at a glance

  • With the SOLSTRÅLE photovoltaic system you will produce sustainable electricity for your home
  • You can become independent from the increase in electricity prices
  • You make a crucial contribution to climate protection.
  • Extensive product portfolio, from solar modules to energy storage and wall boxes
  • Comprehensive assistance from consultation to commissioning
  • Includes full network log
  • Experience throughout Europe: Svea Solar already has more than 50,000 satisfied customers in Europe
  • 25-year guarantee on the performance of your photovoltaic system

IKEA: photovoltaic, battery and charging station

As part of the holistic sustainability agenda has it Ikea did a task circular company with a positive carbon footprint become and the co2Halve our footprint by 2030. An important milestone has been reached: since 2020, more renewable energy has been generated in Germany than is consumed throughout the company. The goal is to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions and enable many people to have a more sustainable home. Svea Solar supports this with its solar energy experience throughout Europe.

After installing the high efficiency photovoltaic modules You will be able to enjoy the solar energy that you produce yourself and control its consumption and generation through one App or online portal track and optimize. Svea Solar offers one 15-year product warranty.one 25-year performance guarantee and a 10-year installation warranty.. You can also contact the Customer service from Svea Solar if you have any questions or problems.

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You can also have a photovoltaic system with an inverter Charging station for your electric car or a Battery storage system Buy to use your solar energy even more efficiently. You can use a charging station to fill your electric car with your own solar energy, which is your… Reduce mobility costs and improve your environmental footprint. Battery storage allows you to store excess solar energy for later use when the sun is not shining or the price of electricity is high. This will increase your Your own consumption and your independence from the public network.