(WARNING: Spoilers (or maybe not?) for this week’s Book of Power II: Ghost The episode is below.)

It took ten weeks, shocking deaths, relationship changes, and countless drug deals, but the third season of Book of Power II: Ghost has come to an end. The finale aired after a penultimate episode that followed the aftermath of The death of Cooper Saxe in episode eight. After a tip to the feds from Rashad Tate, Weston Holdings was raided for his alleged Ponzi scheme leaving Brayden, Tariq, Kiki and the rest of the staff in hot water as Lucas prepared to tell the police everything he knew about the scheme. Ponzi scheme and then some. Fortunately for them, Brayden (literally) pushed Lucas to his death, saving them from legal trouble. We also have Effie, who is locked up on her attempted murder charge for trying to kill Lauren, the Tejada kids, who found out that Monet was the one who killed Lorenzo, and Tommy Egan, who made a surprising comeback to try to kill Tasha. . at her witness protection house. For the latter, Tommy’s mission was somewhat thwarted by the arrival of Tariq, and that’s where we left off in episode nine.

In it third season end of Book of Power II: Ghost, things start when Tariq wakes up not sure of his mother’s whereabouts. He later finds out that she ran away after the incident with Tariq and Tommy, but not before crushing her meat with Tommy. Through all of this, Tariq believes that Monet sent Tommy after his mother by revealing Tasha’s location to Tommy. However, it was really Diana who did that in a grand scheme to take down Monet. She put the plan together, with Dru’s help, as they saw that it was her only chance to break free of Monet’s rule. That plan also had Tariq as collateral, but it all went wrong when Tasha showed up on the spur of the moment. This is the spark of an all out war between Tariq and the Tejadas. Brayden stays by Tariq’s side, and Effie, who is released from prison in this episode, chooses Tejadas and Noma as her partners.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways we have after the final episode of season three, “Divided We Stand”:

Tariq and Brayden are not ready for war with The Tejadas

Nothing went as planned in the final minutes of the Book of Power II: Ghost finale of the third season. In the end, we see a war come to life with Tariq and Brayden ready to hit against Tejadas, Noma and Effie. Tariq and Brayden are outnumbered for this war, putting them at a disadvantage. He then adds that the Tejadas and Effie know all about him and are working with Noma, and it’s clear that this is lining up to be Tariq and Brayden’s toughest battle yet. We know that Tariq is someone who can get out of any bind, but this time it’s going to be much more difficult to do so. Tariq tried to wriggle out of it by mentioning Noma’s daughter, but that backfired as flat as he dreams of trusting him. Tariq and Brayden are going to need a lot of time, a lot of luck, and a little more help from the man above to get out of this jam because, man, is it complicated.

Tommy has wisdom from the past, Tariq should get some too

Tariq proves to be your young know-it-all in the season three finale. During conversations with Tommy and Tasha, he claims to have learned all the necessary lessons from Ghost’s father’s mistakes from him, but as Tasha reminds him, Ghost was no fool. Still, it’s safe to say that Ghost had the mistakes of him and, as Tommy explains, it stemmed from his attempt to have a life in the business world and the drug game at the same time. Tommy tells Tariq that he is doing the same with school and the drug game as he advises him to pick a side, as his focus must be 100% if he wants a way with the Tejadas. Tariq was present to see his father fall, and while he is smart enough to know what they were and avoid them on his journey, his confidence and arrogance make him forget that. Before this war, Tariq needs to not only acknowledge the advice and mistakes of his greatest, both living and dead, and put them into action.

Cooper Saxe’s death only caused more trouble

Man, I thought Cooper Saxe’s death would mean the former tormentor from St. Patrick’s would no longer affect the show, but I was wrong. Before his death, Saxe wrote numerous letters to people in his life, from Jenny Sullivan to Monet and other detectives. One of those letters had the address of Tasha’s witness protection home, and one way or another, the letter fell into the possession of the Tejadas. It was later used as bait to motivate Tariq to join Diana’s plan to “kill” Monet. Diana handed that letter to Tommy’s mom and told her to give it to Tommy, and when she got it, he drove to the address where he found Tasha, but luckily for her, Tariq was already there. Another of Saxe’s letters was delivered to a detective with a USB stick full of content yet to be revealed, but we’re sure it will become a problem for Tariq and company in season four.

'Power Book II: Ghost' Cane Dru Diana Ep.  310

Diana should never be underestimated again.

Diana hasn’t really earned her respect at all times. Book of Power II: Ghost, but after this third season finale, something is in store for him. Diana helped create a plan to free the Tejada family from Monet and Tariq. She used her charm to get Tariq right where she wanted and sold him out to Noma and Cane without batting an eyelid when things didn’t go according to her plan. When Diana’s back was against the wall, she did what she had to do and fought back in the process. She sold drugs for her father in Stansfield when he asked her to, exposed Salim and put him at a disadvantage when he tried to bring her down, and did what she needed to (possibly) kill her mother away from her. . life. She may not be as strong as her siblings or a true street dealer like Effie or Tariq, but there’s room for Diana in this game, and she’s making the most of it.

The lover no longer exists in Book of Power II: Ghost

At the end of Book of Power II: Ghost In the third season, love is a thing of the past. The season began and continued with Tariq in a relationship with Effie, Monet with Lorenzo, Salim with Diana, Brayden with Kiki, and Dru with Gordo. Now, all that is gone. Lorenzo and Gordo are dead, Effie and Tariq broke up and now she’s enjoying her time with Cane, Salim hasn’t been seen in a few episodes, Diana scolded him, and Kiki heads home to clear her head after the Ponzhi scheme mess. . . So, just like that, all the love is gone, and while we can be sure it will find new ways to exist in season four, its absence at this point really speaks to how foundations, structures, and relationships fell apart. theme of this season Book of Power II: Ghost. People were pushed to their limits and the results of that damaged one of the most normal things in their lives: love. Now a group that was once united (Tariq, Effie, Brayden and the Tejadas), is now divided in ways we may not have imagined. With that, say goodbye to love and the third season of Book of Power II: Ghost also.

The third season of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ is available to watch on the STARZ app.


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