In November 2023, Gil Ofarim had to answer to the Leipzig District Court for making false claims and defaming a hotel employee. The procedure was terminated upon payment of a fine of 10,000 euros. Ofarim had to pay 5,000 euros each to the “Leipzig Jewish Community” and the “Memorial and Education Center – Wannsee Conference House” and an unknown amount of compensation to the hotel employee.

But he hasn't paid anything yet, as “Bild” newspaper reports. He would have until May 28 to pay the remaining amount. Ofarim is not yet behind schedule. Still surprising: the musician announced on Instagram that he will start selling guitars. For musicians, certain models can be high.

10,000 euros for Abi Ofarim's favorite guitar

He promoted his “spring cleaning” on Instagram—that's what he called his guitar sale. According to the “Bild” newspaper, the favorite guitar of his father Abi Ofarim (†) is said to be among the musical instruments listed. to be.

Gil Ofarim wants to monetize tools and accessories on eBay. The prices of the boxes range from 900 euros to 10,000 euros for “Papa's favorite guitar”. In the sales video, Gil says, “I know if he was here, he'd tell me it's totally okay.” If he were to sell everything at the prices he expects, he would walk away with €59,000.

In 2022, Gil Ofarim accused an employee of a hotel in Leipzig of making anti-Semitic insults towards him. Ofarim recorded videos and told his fans what happened to him. He experienced a great wave of sympathy in Germany. He stuck to this version of events for about two years. But at his trial in November 2023, he admitted he had lied.