The desire for the supposed dream figure almost became the loss of Gina-Lisa Lohfink in June 2023. To get closer to her dream of getting a mega butt à la Kim Kardashian, the former GNTM contestant underwent a controversial beauty procedure in Turkey, the “Brazilian butt lift”, which has already cost the lives of many women. Gina-Lisa found out firsthand how dangerous this operation is.

After dangerous plastic surgery: Gina-Lisa Lohfinkt “almost died”

Botox, new breasts, full lips – it's no secret that Gina-Lisa Lohfink has gone under the knife several times. The 37-year-old woman is confident about her beauty procedures, but does not hide the negative aspects of such operations. The reality TV actress has now revealed to “” what she experienced after having her buttocks enlarged.

“I was in so much pain after the procedure that you can't even imagine. It was terrible,” said Gina-Lisa. He lay for a week in Turkey with a fever of 40 degrees and, in his own words, “almost died.” “I've never been so scared,” she admits.

Gina-Lisa does not want to sue the beauty clinic

After taking painkillers, the reality star was finally able to fly home, where she received infusions from her family doctor. But the pain is still there, which is why he couldn't participate in some action games in the reality show “Forsthaus Rampensau”.

But Gina-Lisa Lohfink does not want to go to court against the beauty doctor. “What am I supposed to do there? It's in Turkey. It's just costing me money and in the end it doesn't do any good. I just want my ass to be good. I don't want to go there either.”