In ancient times, the good execution of grafting came from doing it, doing it several times, at the right time. You learned from the older ones, but not everyone managed to get enough agility for effective execution – the know-how.

More modernly, science and technical courses arrived. Improvements come with experience, but not everyone, even with the courses taken, reaches the quality to become excellent performers (specialists). Hence, naturally, specific groups appear in places where this function needs to be carried out and, as we read, the number of qualified people tends to be increasingly scarce.

The situation reminded me of Portuguese welders from the time when Portugal had a dynamic and competitive naval industry, when the country had a class of welders that was highly appreciated and coveted throughout the world.

This aside arises from the lack of welders that has been talked about so much recently in France, due to the effects of corrosion on nuclear reactors, which had to be deactivated at such an unsuitable time for an energy crisis. Fortunately, most of them have already recovered in time for the winter cold. But this perceived gap in French society had practical consequences. The government acted by creating a higher-level school to fill this major gap from scratch.

Grafts in politics

1. There is some similarity when moving on to “grafts” in the field of politics. Here, too, we must revisit the history of political science and act with prudence and rigor. Do not advance awkwardly, intending to plug a hole anyway, without eradicating the essential, the causes.

Just because if you are in a tight situation, be careful, not everything goes. A mere expedient is never a good solution. And this latest advance by the Government of the 36 measures (which started out to be 34!), in the context of “controlling” the political misdeeds arising from so many deposed Secretaries of State and even ministers who resigned, did not seem to me at all happy. It lacked merit and meaning.

The Minister of the Presidency Mariana Vieira da Silva called the questionnaire “a verification prior to proposing members of the government to the President of the Republic”.

The 36 measures are spread over five main areas: current and previous activities and corporate connections; impediments and conflict of interests; equity status; tax situations and criminal responsibilities or investigations in progress, which are then broken down into measures that could be 36 or 100. The value is the same.

A worthless graft

two. This grafting on the work of selecting members of the Government is worth zero because it was completely wrong. Or maybe it’s even a negative effort because it adds nothing to what you should always be doing. And if you add something, even worse, because it means that before everything was done lightly. And to function as an internal script, it didn’t have to take up so much time for the Government and such media space, and now result in some quarrels with the President.

If it also proposed some institutionalization ideas, such as a prior hearing of potential candidates before a democratic body, the proposal could make some sense as a contribution to eventually consider in the ongoing process of constitutional revision.

Thus, it is nothing more than an unfortunate expedient and, in no way, can replace the political and ethical evaluation of the Prime Minister and the responsibility of his choice.

An operative and quality government is urgent

3. In a previous text entitled “Item out of the Box”, I argued that this Government is tainted at its origin by the organic and quality of its composition, like people poorly placed in the chessboard or who should never have been called to the cast and dimension in too much.

In Portuguese society there is a feeling that this Government is governing badly and aimlessly. The Portuguese, or at least significant groups of society, especially in the big cities, are showing these signs. And the political climate deteriorated and confidence was lost.

Rarely in our democratic process have we witnessed demonstrations at party headquarters and the PS has already had two, Lisbon and Porto, protesting against its performance. It may be claimed to be of little significance, I grant. In the game Braga-Boavista there were also unfriendly signs with references to the 500 thousand euros in compensation from TAP to the former Secretary of the Treasury. I do not deduce that all the people in the stadium adhered to the stripes. But it’s a symptom.

On the other hand, the struggle of teachers, despite the serious problems for families and the country that the continued closure of schools is causing, has, according to polls, 60% of the population joining. In reality, no one understands how people with so many years in the profession carry “the house on their backs” across the country.

Is it really that difficult to find ways out of this degrading situation that has dragged on for so long?! And the situation does not stop there. There are so many discontented sectors. Social instability spreads, corroding democracy from within. Life is very expensive. People desperate for survival know that there is plenty of money and they don’t feel it spinning, creating wealth that the country so badly needs.

But there is no doubt that, in addition to the structure and composition of this Government not being adequate, it is also not visible a strategic line of development that, in the long run, fills in the true origins of national backwardness, bringing about changes in economic structures.

Even in the PRR this orientation is not noticeable, despite positive measures such as the housing that we are waiting for working, despite being incomplete, since there is so much abandoned, rotting heritage (military, church, private) demanding recovery and whose launch on the market would solve many problems of housing shortages. Who messes with this situation?

We are not unaware that there was a pandemic and now the war. But even this is being misdirected. One does not walk in the direction of converging towards peace, but rather in a way to stir up conflict. How far will we go?

Emannuel Todd, a French anthropologist with a vast body of work in the field of foresight, states in his latest book that the third world war has begun, and insists on the ideological and cultural dimension of this war and on the opposition between the liberal West and the rest of the world. Is he right?!

Europe is tired of war. And the world too. But I think, or rather I am sure, that many politicians do not. They want war to better dominate the world to their advantage.

The author writes according to the old spelling.

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